Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mirassou Pinot Noir

Tonight, I cracked open the 2005 Mirassou Pinot Noir that I bought while in Greenville a few weeks ago to visit the man.

It was ok. Nothing spectacular. Pretty fruity, maybe a bit too sweet. I like my wine dry. And subtle. There really wasn't anything subtle about the Mirassou. It could have passed as a light cabernet sauvignon, honestly. Oh well. It was on sale. And I might not have made it through the night without a glass of something to calm my nerves.

Today was stressful, to say the least. Any day qualifies as stressful when your professor calls on you and keeps you standing up talking to him for 34 minutes about something that you clearly demonstrate you are incapable of talking about. Especially when that "something" is civil procedure. Especially when the "something" seemed perfectly clear before he asked the first question about implied cause of action.

Ridiculous. I'm not mad at him. I just think I'm stupid. And, boy, did I feel stupid. There are about 70 people in that class.

I wonder sometimes if I am stupid. Sometimes I don't think I'm really getting it. Maybe I'm not capable of getting through law school on top. And I really want to be on top of my class! Mainly because I'm a greedy, indebted consumerism addict. And also because I like nice things. And I want to be able not to worry about money. And I want to be able to make a lot of money in a short amount of time so that I can make good investments and be able to do GOOD things.

Ok, so that's my evil side right there. I also think it's practical, though. I really hate having no money. I hate depending on my parents to pay my rent and front me grocery money. It's lame. I like to think they're investing in me. I'll take care of them when they need me to. And when I have lots of money (hopefully), I can repay all their kindnesses and generosities.

It makes me sad that I'm greedy. But that's how I feel.

Maybe after I do my homework, I'll have another glass of wine and start feeling more charitable and guilt-stricken and altruistic.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Elves in the radiator

I don't like radiators. Especially the radiators in my apartment. Strange metallic clanging noises echo from somewhere deep inside their twisted bowels. Even though it happens several times a day, the noise never fails to unsettle me. It sets my nerves on edge.

Maybe it's because I don't understand how radiators work. I thought that they simply contained water that was converted to steam when the gas heated the metal...or something. That process doesn't seem like it should produce any percussive noises. Hisses, certainly. But clangs?

It doesn't really matter, except that it's one more thing that stresses me out. Other things stressing me out right now include an open memo and a midterm essay. These things shouldn't stress me out, but they do. I'm a good writer. The midterm essay assignment, at least, is very straightforward and clear-cut. The open memo, a not-so-cut-and-dried assignment, isn't really due for another three weeks (although a "rough draft" will be discussed next Thursday). I blame the radiators, the proverbial straw breaking my back (yes, I am a camel).

Anyway, I escaped the radiators, the midterm essay, and the open memo all at once last night by irresponsibly going to Bar Trivia Night at The Brillobox. It was probably the best decision of my life. In addition to the highly entertaining company of Matt, Ben, Dave, and Adam, I enjoyed an Old Leghumper Porter (which wasn't excellent, but it wasn't completely unpleasant), and assisted Matt in finishing a somewhat unpleasant Franzikaner (it tasted like a mediocre Belgian ale). Matt, always a confounding influence, also coerced me into taking a few drags from a cigarette he bummed from Dave.

So, I feel really good today. I thought I'd feel pretty guilty about blowing off a few hours worth of homework I could have gotten done last night. But I don't. I think I needed to go out, to forget about being a laywer-in-training for a while, to have a (pretty good) beer, and to socialize with some awesome people. It felt great. And I feel so much less stressed out today. I guess it's true that you have to find some kind of balance between the need to finish all your work and the need to take a real break (not just a 15-minute power-break).

Even the radiators can't bring me down today!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A chef I'll never be...

Well, it's been a while since I updated. I barely got started before I bailed out.

Oh well: if the recipe doesn't turn out well the first time, change things up a little and try again. I'm inspired by my brother's new blog, which he started to document his adventures and misadventures in Athens, Greece while he studies archaeology or something there. I can't keep up with his high-falootin' academic endeavors, but I can continue to be jealous of all the sweet stuff he gets to do.

Anyway, I haven't quit baking or cooking, and I certainly haven't ceased to enjoy my food. I'm now living with my sister, however, so I cook considerably less. She also cooks, and she's a vegetarian. At first glance, those two facts might not seem significant. But since she cooks, I usually eat what she cooks and therefore do not also cook. When I do cook, I try to cook something that she also can eat, which limits me a little. I miss steak, chicken, pork, sausage, bacon, turkey and fish! Oh, my sweet salmon...

I do occasionally break out the poultry and fish. And it's not as though she discourages me from eating meat. I just feel bad when I don't cook something that we can share. My silly little guilty conscience.

I can't promise an update every day. I started law school in the fall, and my life is no longer my own. I belong to West publishing and the Barco Law Library now.

Until the next time!