Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pittsburgh Coffee Crawl: Oh Yeah! Part III

Yes, I know, this is the third time I'm reviewing Oh Yeah! But I've gotten different ice cream every time I've gone. And it's good every time! So I've just gotta tell you about it!

Last night, not many of the crew made it out for coffee, but Lauren and Ruchi needed to nail down details of Oh Yeah!'s donations to the Pittsburgh Legal Income Sharing Foundation's annual Auction fundraiser. Oh Yeah! is donating a bunch of artwork and several tubs of their delicious ice cream to be scooped out for auction patrons. So awesome!! I'll be one of the lovely handmaidens distributing that delicious treat.

So, last night, Karl and I were on our own for about a half an hour before Lauren and Ruchi showed up. We enjoyed Blackberry Chip ice cream (a delicious blackberry ice cream with dark chocolate chips all through) and Pinot Noir ice cream. We didn't get carded for the Pinot Noir ice cream, though the sign does say "adults only." I guess we just don't look young enough anymore!

Blackberry chip is pretty self-explanatory. It didn't change my life, but it was very good ice cream. The Pinot Noir ice cream was a little wilder: it's not every day you have wine-flavored ice cream!

Right off the bat you notice that the ice cream smells "wine-y," as if there is some yeast in it. The taste is so strange that I'm not sure I can describe it other than to say it's addictive. It has some wine-esque elements, but if it weren't called "Pinot Noir" ice cream, you probably wouldn't guess that wine was an ingredient. It's a very complex ice cream!

We played with Coop (the resident boxer/Great Dane mix I may have mentioned in a previous post) while we ate our ice cream and drank some of the nicest espresso I've had in Pittsburgh.

Oh Yeah! looks like a keeper to me!