Tuesday, February 05, 2008

HoneyBells: Oranges Extraordinaire

I don't usually enjoy oranges: they're often dry, pithy, and slightly bitter. The cheaper ones you get in the grocery store have more seeds to deal with than flesh. Peeling them barehanded is a nightmare after which the scent of oranges follows you for days.

Enter the HoneyBell orange into my life: so juicy, almost seedless, very little pith, and low acidity. And look how cute it is!

The catch? They're only available during January and February, and, unless you live in Florida, you must order them from Honeybell.com (or possibly some other online fruit distributors).

Karl and I got lucky. His parents sent him a care package of these delightfully succulent oranges, so we have been devouring them for the past couple of days. The oranges are delicately sweet and so juicy! The lack of acidity is the best part: there is none of that mouth-puckering sourness that often accompanies oranges these days.

Perhaps the secret is that HoneyBells are not actually oranges at all (fooled you!). According to the informative pamphlet that arrived with the care package, HoneyBells are actually the result of cross-breeding Duncan grapefruits and Dancy tangerines. Now that is one science experiment I can get behind!