Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Makes my Hobbies Possible

I love my family. I love giving presents. I love getting new things. And I love eating like there are no consequences at least once a year!!

I just love the holidays. I'm very happy that this year the ice was broken between me and my parents regarding my consumption of my brother Jeremy got me some delightful stemware and stemless stemware. Sweet! I also used a gift certificate from my brother Jesse to purchase a decanter, among other kitchen appliances. AND, my sister bought me the board game Winerd, which is supposed to a fun way to explore your palate with friends! So, now, I am completely set to pursue my passion for wine in the new year! I cannot wait to break in that decanter, and maybe put all my new stemware to use at a little wine-tasting party with some friends!

Christmas evening, my brother, sister and I decided to go see the newly released movie, Juno, a tongue-in-cheek film about a teenage pregnancy. The dialogue is fast-paced, sharp, and utterly ridiculous, but somehow it works well enough to keep you laughing at a pretty constant rate. I highly recommend this film, even though the ending was rushed, and, frankly, really stupid. The rest of the film is worth it. The cast is pretty great, including Jennifer Garner, Michael Cera (George Michael, from Arrested Development), Jason Bateman (also from Arrested Development), and a cameo from Rainn Wilson (Dwight, from The Office). Juno, the title character, is played by Ellen Page, a less-well-known name, but the perfect actress for the part. Go check out the film!