Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Year's Resolution: Attend Church

Yesterday, Karl and I made good on one of his New Year's resolutions to find (and go to) a church in the Pittsburgh/Oakland area when we didn't make it out to North Huntingdon with my parents (kind of a trek!). So, we attended a service at Shadyside Presbyterian Church. Great music, scattered sermon, but an all-around nice church. I'm glad we went. Next week, we're going to investigate East Liberty Presbyterian.

Two things I've decided I like about the Presbyterian church: the music and the architecture.

We sang hymns yesterday! I forget how much I miss hymns sometimes. The church at which I'm a member is fondly referred to among its members as the "Rock-and-roll" church. We have a band, including drums, electric and acoustic guitars, bongos, a keyboard, and an electric bass. It's fun and exciting, but I often feel that a more serene, solemn service is just what I need. I'm not always fond of the organ used in most traditional services, but the organist at Shadyside Presbyterian was very nice.

I also enjoyed the presence of a chancel choir. It's good to have harmonies when you're singing hymns, and I also love when the choir sings short pieces to enhance the worshipful atmosphere of the service.

Yes, I do appreciate some good music! Yesterday's service included some lovely music, which you can actually listen to (along with the sermon and hymns) at the Shadyside Presbyterian website.

Just take a look at these two buildings!

Shadyside Presbyterian and East Liberty Presbyterian

In sum: I enjoyed going to church!