Monday, November 26, 2007

Thank you, Gary Vay-ner-chuk!

If you don't know who Gary Vaynerchuk is, please visit the link. Check out my cool new widget to your right for a hint of what he is all about.

Basically, he's my new hero and has effectively replaced the hole in my heart where Grey's Anatomy used to be nestled, until the second season got too much like Days of Our Lives and General Hospital. Bonus: I don't need to be in front of a TV to get my fix of Gary!

Gary is the best. He's a wine afficionado of the least pretentious sort. He's all about enjoying the wine, trying new things, and above all, paying attention to what YOU like instead of worrying about what others think. His podcasts are usually 10-20 minutes long and consist of him, usually surrounded by action figures, sniffy-sniffing and tasting 1-6 wines and exploring the aromas and flavors that delight and disappoint him. It's really fun and quite stimulating. I for one tend to feel a sudden urge to run to the nearest wine shoppe after I watch.

So, many thanks are to GV, for many reasons, outlined below.
1) For reawakening my desire to explore and enjoy wines.
2) Tasting wines that I can usually afford
3) Being knowledgable enough to talk about grape varietals, wine regions, color, bouquet, etc., etc., etc., but also without being as pretentious and snotty as Sir Gary Vaynerchuk,
4) For being a source of comfort during this stressful pre-law exam time of my life. His podcasts are perfectly timed to provide a happy study break in between outlining for Environmental Law and playing catch-up in Administrative Law, AND
5) Reminding me (by tempting me with the possibility of meeting him!) that I have a blog and that it's fun to write about food and wine and beer and cheese, even if no one reads it...although I should probably work on expanding my readership of zero.

If I have any readers, please visit GV's site (click on the title of this post) and check out a few of his podcasts. Seriously. You will not be sorry!

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